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Tue Aug 6 2013

As a public service, we’ve prepared a questionnaire that may help you decide whether this raunch-com—about a pot dealer (Jason Sudeikis) who hires a pole dancer (Jennifer Aniston) and two troubled teens (Emma Roberts and Will Poulter) to pose as his family for drug-smuggling purposes—is for you. Do you find insults revolving around the words Marky Mark, churros and/or #YOLO hilarious? How about the notion of a dorky white kid flawlessly rapping TLC’s “Waterfalls”? (Poulter sells the gag beautifully, though; the young British actor is the movie’s single bright spot.) When you watch most mainstream comedies, do you find yourself thinking, Man, this really needs way more gratuitous profanity? Are you still under the impression that Aniston is A-list movie-star material? Would you be able to tolerate most anything just so you could watch the Friends actress do a striptease to Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” in a grimy, spark-filled auto shop, like some sort of ’80s music-video vixen? Or put up with any of the above to see a close-up of a testicle swollen from a tarantula bite?

Should you have answered yes to any of those queries, then by all means, enjoy this cavalcade of road-movie conventions, digs at square RV owners and gay Mexican cops, late-act life lessons and conspicuously obscene bantering. (Memo to filmmakers: I love vulgarity and bad words as much as the next motherfucker, but can you please stop mistaking crassness for actual comedy?) The rest of us will just be left to puzzle over Aniston’s exhibitionism obsession and pray that Sudeikis’s smirking-douche leading-man shtick won’t constitute his entire post-SNL career.

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Wed Aug 7, 2013


109 mins

Cast and crew


Rawson Marshal Thurber


Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, Will Poulter, Ed Helms


Bob Fisher

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