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Ai Do Draghi

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Throngs of cheerful spritz drinkers cram into the small calle off campo Santa Margherita where the entrance to Ai Do Draghi is located - and also on to its...

Dorsoduro 3665

Al Chioschetto

Critics' choice
Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

A much-loved spot not only for scrumptious panini and nibbles, but also for the tranquillity of sitting outside along the Giudecca Canal with a sweeping...

Dorsoduro 1406A

Al Prosecco

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Prosecco - whether sparkling or still (aka spento) - is second only to spritz in terms of daily Venetian consumption, and (as the name suggests) this bar is...

Santa Croce 1503


Critics' choice
Bars & pubs, Music, Restaurants & cafés

Owned by siblings Andrea and Giorgia, Angiò is the finest stopping point along one of Venice's most tourist-trafficked spots - the lagoon-front riva degli...

Castello 2142


Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Ardidos's owner Beatrice used to be an interior designer, based in Milan - and it shows: this recently opened café-bar with its glass, brick, ceramic and...

Cannaregio 2282

Bar ai Nomboli

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

This bar, which is much loved by Venice's student population, has expanded its already impressive repertoire of sandwich combinations. You'll need to summon...

San Polo 2717C

Bar all'Angolo

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Secure a table outside and watch the locals saunter through the campo as you enjoy a coffee or spritz. Inside, you have your choice of standing at the...

San Marco 3464

Caffè dei Frari

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

A cosy bar with an even cosier mezzanine, which is often packed with students and lawyers. The walls feature art nouveau interpretations of 18th-century...

San Polo 2717C

Caffè Florian

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Florian sweeps you back to 18th-century Venice with its mirrored, stuccoed and frescoed interior. Founded in 1720 as 'Venezia Trionfante', its present...

San Marco 56

Caffetteria Doria

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Take a page from the locals and squeeze into this popular, standing-room-only bar for a delicious cup of coffee, mid-afternoon snack or one of the best...

San Marco 4578C

Gran Caffè Quadri

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

With its ornate stucco mouldings, 18th-century murals, huge mirrors and polished wooden furniture, Quadri is every inch the caffè storico. People have been...

San Marco 120

Harry's Bar

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

This historic watering hole, founded by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1931, has changed little since the days when Ernest Hemingway came here to work on his next...

San Marco 1323

Muro Vino e Cucina

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Stylish Muro is generally packed with throngs of sophisticated but thirsty spritz-seekers. There's something for pretty much everyone here - - from...

San Polo 222

Skyline Bar

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

It's a hike across to the new Hilton Hotel in the former Molino Stucky flour mill - and the bar is an expensive extravagance - but sit out on the rooftop...

Molino Stucky Hilton Hotel

Vincent Bar

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Sant'Elena is surely the only place in Venice you'll find more residents, trees and grassy expanses than tourists, churches and galleries. Grab a seat - and...

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