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Berengo Fine Arts


Adriano Berengo commissions variousinternational artists to design brilliantly coloured sculptures - in glass, of course.

Fondamenta dei Vetrai 109A

Ca' Macana

Critics' choice

This workshop is packed with traditional papier-mâché masks from the Commedia dell'arte theatre tradition. Explanations of the mask-making process, as well...

Dorsoduro 3172

Carta Alta


Though essentially a mask shop, you can also find handcrafted products such as marionettes.

Dorsoduro 2808

Carteria Tassotti


This Bassano-based family business has a charming selection of greeting cards, decorative paper, diaries and notebooks. Wedding invitations and business...

San Marco 5472

Cesare Toffolo


In this shop along thronging fondamenta Vetrai, Cesare Toffolo uses glass sticks and a gas flame to create intricate miniatures of Venetian classic designs:...

Fondamenta Vetrai 67A

Davide Penso


Davide Penso makes and shows exquisite glass jewellery. His own creations are all one-off or limited edition pieces with designs drawn from nature:...

Shop & workshop: riva Longa 48.


Critics' choice

Beautiful, marbled handcrafted paper, scarves and ties. These are Venetian originals, whose imitators can be found in other shops around town.

San Marco 3471

Fioreia San Rocco


Alessandra Gallenda's shop can provide anything from a single rose to a hothouse plant. The shop is affiliated to Interflora and will deliver. Prices for a...

San Polo 3127

Fratelli Barbini


There's only one fratello (brother), Guido, left to carry on his family craft: mirror-making. In this workshop he silvers, engraves and mounts them...

Calle Bertolini 31

Galliano Ferro


Inspired by 18th-century classics, Ferro's rich, vibrant and intricate works are some of Murano's most sought-after models. There are early 20th-century...

Fondamenta Colleoni 6

Gilberto Penzo


Gilberto Penzo creates astonishingly detailed models of gondolas, sandolos, topos and vaporetti. Inexpensive kits are also on sale - if you would like to...

San Polo 2681

Il Pavone


This is a place to seek out for handmade paper with floral motifs in a variety of colours. Il Pavone also stocks boxes, picture frames, key chains and other...

Dorsoduro 721

Le Forcole di Saverio Pastor


The place to come when you need a new forcola or pair of oars for your favourite gondola. Saverio Pastor is one of only three recognised marangon...

Dorsoduro 341

Luigi Camozzo


It'd be over-simplifying things to describe Luigi Camozzo as a glass-engraver. Using a variety of different tools, he carves, sculpts and inscribes...

Fondamenta Venier 3


Critics' choice

Fusing minimalist design with traditional techniques, the young architect and craftswoman behind Madera creates unique objects in wood. She also sells...

Dorsoduro 2762
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