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Antiche Carampane

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Fiendishly difficult to find, Antiche Carampane lays its tourist-unfriendly cards on the table with its sign 'no pizza, no lasagne, no menù turistico'. But...

San Polo 1911


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The location of this updated bacaro is splendid: the main entrance gives on to the busy Rialto square of San Giacomo, while the back door leads to a prime...

San Polo 122

Bea Vita

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On the long canalside promenade just north of the Ghetto, Bea Vita attracts locals with its ample portions and decent prices. After a single antipasto...

Cannaregio 3082

Ca' D'Oro (Alla Vedova)

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Officially Ca' d'Oro, this place is known by locals as Alla Vedova - the Widow's Place. The widow has joined her marito, but her family still runs the show....

Cannaregio 3912

Casin dei Nobili

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This large pizzeria-restaurant with artsy-rustic decor serves up tasty pizzas to a mainly student clientele. The usual range of Venetian primi and secondi...

Dorsoduro 2765


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Clean-cut, modern Cavatappi ('corkscrew') has more than 30 high-quality wines available by the glass from 8.30am to 9pm. Gourmet bar snacks, creative salads...

San Marco 525

Corte Sconta

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This trailblazing seafood restaurant is such a firm favourite on the well-informed tourist circuit that it is a good idea to book well in advance. The main...

Castello 3886

Da Alberto

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This bacaro with trad decor, not far from campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, has a well-stocked bar counter. The wide-ranging, sit-down menu is rigidly Venetian,...

Cannaregio 5401

Da Fiore

Critics' choice
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Michelin-starred Da Fiore is considered by many to be Venice's best restaurant. Host Maurizio Martin treats his guests with egalitarian courtesy, while his...

San Polo 2202

Da Ignazio

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The big attraction of this tranquil, no-frills, neighbourhood restaurant is its pretty, pergola-shaded courtyard. The cooking is safe, traditional Venetian:...

San Polo 2749

Da Rioba

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Taking its name from the iron-nosed stone figure of a turbaned merchant - known as Sior Rioba - set into a wall in nearby campo dei Mori, Da Rioba is a...

Cannaregio 2553

Dai Tosi

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In one of Venice's most working-class areas, this pizzeria is a big hit with local families. Beware of another restaurant of the same name on the street:...

Castello 738

Dalla Marisa

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Signora Marisa is a culinary legend in Venice, with locals calling up days in advance to ask her to prepare ancient recipes such as risotto con le secoe...

Cannaregio 652B

Fiaschetteria Toscana

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Once a depot for Tuscan wine and olive oil, today only a selection of steaks and big Tuscan reds betrays its origins. Otherwise, the cuisine is Venetian,...

Cannaregio 5719


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A friendly, reasonably-priced spot specialising in Arab cuisine, though there are some Greek and Kurdish dishes too. Couscous comes with a variety of...

San Polo 2559