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This church's façade totally lacks any Christian symbols (give or take a token angel or two). Built between 1678 and 1683, it's a huge exercise in defiant self-glorification by Admiral Antonio Barbaro, who was dismissed by Doge Francesco Morosini for incompetence in the War of Candia (Crete). On the plinths of the columns are relief plans of towns where he served; his own statue (in the centre) is flanked by representations of Honour, Virtue, Fame and Wisdom.

The interior is more devotional. You may not have heard of the painter Antonio Zanchi (1631-1722), but this is his church. Particularly interesting is Abraham Teaching the Egyptians Astrology in the sacristy, while the Cappella Molin has Ulysses Recognised by his Dog (an odd subject for a church). The chapel also contains a Madonna and Child, which is proudly but erroneously attributed to Rubens. Behind the altar there are two paintings of the Evangelists by Tintoretto, formerly organ doors.

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Santa Maria del Giglio details

San Marco,
campo Santa Maria Zobenigo

Area Venice

Transport Vaporetto Giglio

Telephone 041 275 0462

Santa Maria del Giglio website

Open 10am-5pm Mon-Sat.

Admission €3 (or Chorus, see review for details).