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Goethe's Abansuro
Fatau Keita

Poetry and music, al fresco, featuring Fatau Keita.

The Goethe-Institut Ghana will be unleashing its cosy and casual Abansuro Nights this week, which will be held every first Wednesday of the month. 

The even offers platform to showcase their young artists' creations to an open-minded audience on the terrace of the Goethe-Institut. An unplugged and intimate atmosphere. 

This week's event features Fatau Keita, a vocalist with strong musical expression and intense stage performance. Keita’s live concerts exude intense energy. He has performed to cheering audiences in various parts of Ghana and a number of African countries. 


If you are a young a musician, poetry slammer or performing artist and would like to share your talent, get in touch with the Goethe's Abansuro team for future performances. 

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