Blood, Milk, & Fire: Re Performance Art 1962 1977

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Blood, Milk, & Fire: Re Performance Art 1962 1977
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Blood, Milk, & Fire: Re Performance Art 1962 1977 says
.Softy and AGYN//Abramovic and Ulay

Screening of "7 Easy Pieces"

16mm Earrings
Lindsay Smith//Meredith Monk

Cut Piece
Patty Lacrete//Yoko Ono

Body Tracks
Danielle Deadwyler//Ana Mendieta

Chelsea Dunn//John Cage

Untitled (Death of a Chicken)
Paige Adair//Ana Mendieta

Body Pressure
Jessica Caldas//Bruce Nauman

Make a Salad
Devin Brown//Alison Knowles

Meat Joy
Meredith Kooi//Carolee Schneemann
-with Theodore McLee, Jordan Stubbs, Alice Kim, Maggie Benoit, Maddy Laing, Alix Laing, Robby Kee, Chelsea Weyler, Ify Akiti, and Erin Vaiskauckas

An array of Atlanta artists will perform works from the era that fostered Happenings, the Fluxus Movement, body art, and avant garde musical compositions.

Capturing the ephemeral art form live, as it was meant to be experienced, the exhibit serves as a remark upon the medium’s historical lack of documentation, and possible solution to the irreducibility of performance work into other media. While text, video, photographs, or sound recordings are necessary for the study and continuity of the performance tradition, live homages to the original events are more effective simulacrums.

This immersive introduction into many of performance art’s foundational works, curated by Grace Thornton of Callosum Collective, is designed to encourage a better understanding of the medium within the Atlanta fine arts community. While Atlanta is home to many talented performance artists, there are fewer opportunities for their work to be nurtured and exhibited than in cities such as New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans that have maintained a strong performance tradition. Blood, Milk, & Fire was created to raise awareness of performance art’s historical import, bring awareness to contemporary Atlanta performance artists, and to call for more performance-based events and funding in Atlanta.
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By: The Mammal Gallery