Georgia's Win List: Leadership Academy Apply Or Recommend Through Jan. 15, 2016

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Georgia's Win List: Leadership Academy   Apply Or Recommend Through Jan. 15, 2016
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Georgia's Win List: Leadership Academy Apply Or Recommend Through Jan. 15, 2016 says
From Board Chair, Adrienne White:

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Picture it: Anna Beck and Adrienne White are in LEAD Atlanta Class of 2012. At the time Anna was Executive Director of Georgia's only political action committee that recruits, trains and supports pro-choice Democrat Women, Georgia's WIN List.

Anna called Adrienne a few months after their LEAD experience was over and here's a synopsis of the conversation:

Anna: Have you ever thought about running for office?
Adrienne: Well, it's something I'd like to do while on earth, but...<insert excuse #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5>
Anna: You should sign up for Georgia's WIN List Leadership Academy. It'll help you figure out how to navigate and prepare for when you are ready.

Fast forward a few years later, I write you as Georgia WIN List's board chair and ask you to be that friend who encourages another woman to learn what it takes to run for political office. Be that woman who takes a step to learn what it takes to run for office. Help build Georgia's pipeline of quality women candidates.

(The Georgia General Assembly is a legislative body made up of 23% women*. In other words, a governing body composed of 77% men make 100% of the decisions on behalf of Georgia's nearly 5 million women. Yep, let that settle in) *as of 2015 GGA. Note that 16% of the women were Democrat. And very rarely do the GOP women vote against the GOP caucus).

What is the Leadership Academy like?
*You are trained by some of Georgia's best political leaders, campaign managers in an intimate setting of about 25 other politically motivated women who are interested in a various partisan and non-partisan elected offices or campaign management
*You spend about 3 hours 1 time per month in the training sessions
*You learn about everything from creating a campaign plan to crafting your message to messaging...etc. The curriculum for the program was initially developed in conjunction with Emily's List.
*You get interaction and access to our valued endorsed women
For 2016 we are going to better leverage technology. So if you are outside of metro Atlanta, but within Georgia - please apply. We'll have interactive options to ensure that you can learn, no matter where you live in Georgia (as long you have access to the internet).
*There is a $250 program fee. You can pay this or fundraise this. You can sponsor another woman.

To sponsor a woman see the following link. In the "Who invited you to become a supporter of WIN List?" Box you can indicate sponsoring all or a portion of a future quality woman candidate. (Let me know if you'd like to consider sponsoring multiple class participants) -
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By: Georgia's WIN List

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