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I'm so excited to announce the next Southern Bell-Jar open-mic variety show. Open to artists of all ilks and inks; writers, poets, comedians, thespians, mimes; magicians, musicians -- pretty much anyone who has something to say, show, sing. (Original and adapted work accepted)

Caveat: Health and safety codes prohibit the following art forms: fire breathing, knife throwing, building disappearing, sword swallowing, and most regrettably, bull running and tiger taming

As your toastmistress, I cordially invite you to use one of the following prompts -- OR, feel free to go off in your own freakish direction:
• April: Named for Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite.
Latin “Aprilis” meaning, “to open.” Blooming of flowers, trees, birds and bees; ideas, returning home (as birds flying back north); setting off in exciting new adventures

• Easter: Rebirth, resurrection: like the time you saw Jesus at Burning Man wearing ass-less chaps, claiming to turn snow cones into wine.

• Spring “fever” AND Spring Break: tales of hilarity/horror

• Spring break-up: studies show that April is the most common month for couples to end their relationships, having used each other’s body heat as giant Tauntauns to survive the brutal winter.

• Spring “fling,” -- which goes hand-in-hand (or other body parts into other body parts) into the fact that April is national STD Awareness month (Swipe fright!)

• April: Girl Scout cookie month; April 6, 1930 is also the day Hostess Twinkies were invented!

• April Fool’s Day pranks

• Famous April birthdays: William Shakespeare, Adolph Hitler, Eudora Welty, Nabokov, William Wordsworth.

• Finish T.S. Eliot’s line from The Wasteland: “April is the cruelest month…”

• Finish George Orwell’s line from 1984: “It was a bright, cold day in April and the clocks were striking 13…”

Can’t wait to see you there!
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