Building Your Inner & Outer Wealth Business Retreat

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Building Your Inner & Outer Wealth Business Retreat
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Building Your Inner & Outer Wealth Business Retreat says
Have you ever noticed that when you feel good on the inside, people are naturally drawn to you?

The same is true in business: when you know what you want and feel confident about getting it, opportunities fall into your lap. People show up, ready to assist you. Money keeps landing in your Paypal account.

Hello, I am Heidi Schlenk, and I am honored to help you, as a business owner, build inner and outer wealth, doing what you do best.
You are a natural born leader, with rare, unique gifts. Everyone who knows you, sees this.

But do you fully understand the depth of your talents?

Whether you are just starting out, or are already successful in your business, you KNOW it’s time to take your Vision to the next level.

If you are already successful in your business, this workshop is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the next phase in:
*creating a body of work you’ve been “meaning to get to”
*take your wealth to the next level

If you are in the first few years of creating your business, this is a great time to:
*get clear about your mission
*decide on a product or service you are VERY excited to offer
*ask for what you’re worth

The bottom line is that no matter where you are in your business development, you will become stronger as a



when you are in community.

Don’t Do This Alone.
Join a Tribe of like-minded, powerful women. Build long-lasting relationships.

Your growth will be expedited exponentially when you come with an open heart to your tribe, and share your desires, plans, fears, and excitement.

This is the natural way we grow.

Isolation= Slow Growth.
Tribe= Fast Growth.

Join us for:
Building Inner & Outer Wealth
with Heidi
A Business Workshop that will Strengthen Your Confidence & Upgrade Your Bottom Line

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By: Ignite Creative Life and Business Coaching