Improv Anonymous Group Therapy Edition

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Improv Anonymous   Group Therapy Edition
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Improv Anonymous Group Therapy Edition says
Come in. Take a seat. Let’s talk.

If you’ve ever had a thought that made you feel shameful, happy, weird, fabulous, abnormal, great, wrong, or right, then schedule a night with Improv Anonymous.

Host Paul Normandin will be doing an all-new “Group” format which will involve four people talking candidly with each other about their experiences. Those experiences, along with shames and secrets provided by the audience, will turn into improvised scenes that reflect the internal struggles we all deal with.

Above all, Improv Anonymous wants to let you know that whatever you’re feeling, it’s okay, and that you are not alone.

Our guests:
Aspen Webster has been studying and performing improv for almost two years. She teaches kids’ improv classes and hopes to eventually practice as a therapist, incorporating improv techniques into her work (when she can get her hands on that graduate degree). She has dealt with depression since childhood, and frequently wrestles with feelings of shame, perfectionism, self-doubt, and anxiety.

Dimitri Khosrowpour started out at the very young age of 7 in a community show of Joseph and the Amazing Techincolor Dreamcoat and has since performed in countless shows, directed a one-off show, and performed a One-woman improvised musical. Unfortunately, Dimitri had suffered from severe depression and anxiety in her middle school and high school years, causing her to drop theater for a while. She also suffers from PTSD.

Jo Chauvin is an improvisor, show host, and improv teacher. As a professional Career Consultant she assists students with anxiety and facing their fears. Jo developed a Confidence Workshop using improv techniques, and uses additional improv skills to assist students with telling their story, continuing conversations, and being engaging when interacting with potential employers. She is grateful for the opportunity to perform with the Improv Anonymous cast and glad to be sharing stories and thoughts on mental disorders and coping mechanisms. You are not alone!!!

Manuel Duran has been battling depression and anxiety his entire life, mostly stemming from lack of meaningful accomplishment after so much was expected of him. He has no one to blame but himself.
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By: The Institution Theater