Leader Ship Transforms Center For Art Of Africa And Its Diasporas

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Leader Ship Transforms  Center For Art Of Africa And Its Diasporas
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Leader Ship Transforms Center For Art Of Africa And Its Diasporas says
“LeaderShip TransForms” is a one-day workshop featuring seven artists, curators and community workers whose visions repair and transfigure contemporary cultures by providing courageous leadership values.

Many studies and theories accentuate Black cultures as oppositional to Eurocentric values, sometimes missing the nuances of their respective contributions. Scholars, curators and artists have used literary, visual and critical theories to draw lines in the sand around Black creative productions. Some of these important theories often highlight cultural differences, ethnic clashes and aesthetic confrontations, sometimes overlooking the nurturing and healing principles incentivizing many Black artists as highly motivating, inspiring and aspiring workers in their communities.

“LeaderShip TransForms” interrogates characterizations of Black expressions as reactive rather than proactive; subversive instead of conversive; and activist as opposed to catalyst. By highlighting the heuristic values of their works as leadership building, the presenters envision a new visual vocabulary for articulating Black creative productions beyond metaphors of war and violence.

Why do they produce critical oeuvres surpassing conventional practices?
How do they pioneer engaging models and champion innovative ideas?
Where do they transform dominant values of race, sex, gender, abilities and class?
Who do they address as audiences for the uplifting work that they produce?
What are the salient elements and principles of their works?
-Moyo Okediji

Featuring Jhana Senxian, Jacqueline Francis, Rhea Combs, Adejoke Tugbiyele, Beth Consetta Rubel, Eto Otitigbe and Keynote Speaker Renee Cox.

Cover Art: Renee Cox "Dr. Twins the One"
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