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Monday Circling Lab
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Monday Circling Lab says
Like meditation, or like riding a bike, Circling is something one must experience to fully understand. Some people call it “intersubjective meditation,” others “unique self communication;” still others say "a structured way to love the crap out of someone."

Regardless of what you call it, Circling is a practice of embracing and loving whatever is present in the moment. There is no goal to “get” anywhere except more present and more aware.

"Circling has given my partner and me effective tools and an embodied practice to move through challenges with more ease, love, connection, and presence. We are now able to express emotions such as anger, fear, and jealousy while staying in the moment, while supporting each other, while supporting our relationship and our connection. What once took days to process, now takes and hour or two, sometimes less. We are overflowing with more love, connection and joy than ever before! Thank you Circling Austin and the core facilitators for all you do!" - Laurie Ellington

Place: Casa de Luz, Cielo room
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Hosts: Any two of the following: Jordan Myska Allen, Sara Ness, Chad Phillips, Michael Blas
Cost: $15 per session or 4 for $40 (this can include Wednesday labs). You can pay at the door, or at



—if this is too expensive, pay your hourly wage—
—if you have other circumstances, let's discuss—

This event recurs EVERY MONDAY!

Warning: Only invite friends who you want to develop a deeper intimacy with. Side effects of circling often include a sense of shared reality, mutual vulnerability, being seen, and a feeling of joy and wonder.
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