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Perennial Specimen
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Perennial Specimen says
What is the form of your soul?

By removing the top layer of skin and opening the body to viewing, Andrew Riggins brings to the forefront the organic systems that make human life possible. However, the figures he shows us are not quite human. Lacking any chronological signifiers, these creatures are frozen in a nethertime; not now, then, or when. Human anatomy provides us a reference point, as the building blocks of these patchworks; these Othermen. Are we their children or their ancestors?

searching for their home
searching for their purpose
salvation lurks in the distance.

Andrew Riggins was born in 1986 in Texas. He grew up in Dallas and currently lives and works in Austin. Heavy influences include Gee Vaucher, Winston Smith and Negativland. Scissors, glue, paper, and resin are his main tools but he also works with Polaroid photography, screen printing and digital art.

Beer provided by Karbach Brewing Co.
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