Queer Ride Mas Cerade Ballz (10/21)

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Queer Ride   Mas Cerade Ballz  (10/21)
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Queer Ride Mas Cerade Ballz (10/21) says
Masks Masks Masks!!!

The third Halloween ride of the year will be our Mascerade Ball including live music for TBA guests and free beer provided by Upslope Brewery!

Friends of the ride at Windmill Bicycle will be hosting the end of the ride party, so get ready to be entertained.

#QueerRide ~ The weekly ride for queer folk & allies!
Gather at the south gates of the Capitol on 11th St. facing Congress at 7:00pm. Wheels down at 7:30pm.

PITSTOP: Eastwoods Neighborhood Park (weather permiting)
DESTINATION: Windmill Bicycles
ROUTE: Playing it by ear

Bring your friends, helmets, lights & locks!We will do our best to stop and mass up when we can. If you do lose the group, rejoin at one of our pitstops or meet us at the destination! QR rides AS traffic and NOT AGAINST it. Stop at lights, yield the right of way, and don't block intersections.

Listen for call-outs like "car up" or "stopping" or "left/right turn", and echo them for riders ahead and behind you.

Review http://bicycleaustin.info/laws/ for good luck.Watch out for your fellow riders
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