Reclaim Your Power With Emotional Cord Cutting

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Reclaim Your Power With Emotional Cord Cutting
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Reclaim Your Power With Emotional Cord Cutting says
Join Vanessa for this informational gathering and discussion on women’s energetic wellness and emotional sovereignty.

We shower, bathe, detox our bodies, clean our homes, but when it comes to our own energy fields, we try our best, but we can only do what we know and have access to.

As women, we hold the feminine sourcing energy, thus we carry the energetic emotional weight of our past relationships for 7 years, even if we are no longer in them and have moved on. We also carry the energies of negative thoughts, experiences, and interactions we have had in our lives. If left untended, these can drain us and solidify into limiting beliefs and patterns that keep us from our joy.

Learn about Emotional Cord Cutting, and other powerfully effective tools & ceremonies from an encompassing mystery school lineage that can:

* Help you move forward to consciously create healthier relationships and interactions
* Assist you in letting go of past patterns that no longer serve you
* Provide tools to keep you clear of mind and heart so that you can stay positive
* Protect your energy field and raise your light vibration tenfold

4pm-5pm - Free Talk & Discussion

5pm-6:30pm - Gong Fu Cha Service with Sarrah and Cord Cutting Sessions

$85 - Regular price for Emotional Cord Cutting session only per person

*$10 off for those who wish to receive their session after the talk.
Limited sessions will be available.

Vanessa has trained in the ancient lineage of King Salomon, and is initiated as a Guide, Ritual Master, Healer, and Celtic Shaman. As an educator and women’s empowerment coach, Vanessa’s mission is to guide women in embodying the depth of their unique divinity, power, and beauty.
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By: Awakening the Goddess

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