Set/Reset October '15

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Set/Reset October '15
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Set/Reset October '15 says

Did I scare you? Did your hair turn white? Have you been chilled all the way to your fragile, calcium-deprived bones? Sorry. It's just that it's almost Halloween and we've got a very very very very very spooky Set/Reset planned for y'all!

W-w-w-w-w-w-what's Set/Reset? I'll tel you: it's a show in which some of Austin's best comics perform all normal-like for a good eight minutes...then perform that same material under strange and absurd twists. See comics perform as ghosts! See comics add gory details to all their jokes! See comics suddenly become terrified of their own jokes! See some other, non-spooky twists!


Mike Wiebe
Robyn Reynolds
Amber Bixby
Andrew Dismukes
Blake Bowles

And your frightening co-hosts Eric J. Nagurney and Katie Stone.

$7 at the door/$5 online
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