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The best mooncakes in Bangkok 2016

Time Out staffers taste their limits for sugar (and egg yolks) for the biggest ever mooncake roundup in Bangkok. And the verdict is ...

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok — Time Out's favorite


Packaging: Comes in two versions: a limited-edition Oriental Luxury box celebrating the 140th Anniversary of Mandarin Oriental and the classy Oriental Classics box that depicts the hotel’s signature fan symbol.

Variety: Custard, lotus seed with egg yolk, durian with egg yolk and red bean with pumpkin seeds. The Oriental Luxury set features a special tangerine and egg yolk mooncake.

Taste: Subtle and balanced flavors. Not too sweet and can be eaten even without hot tea. Mandarin Oriental makes one of the best custard mooncakes out there!

Price: B2,888/box 

Anantara Siam

Anantara Siam


Packaging: Traditional gold and red gift box.

Variety: Five traditional flavors including lotus seed paste with salted egg yolk, durian with salted egg yolk, jujube with salted egg yolk, mixed fruit and nut with salted egg yolk, and custard.

Taste: Each mooncake displays the right balance. The filling and crust blend well, and the taste is not too sweet.

Price: The mooncakes are available for individual purchase (priced at THB193) or in packs of four (priced at THB1,069) and nine (priced at THB2,139).

Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree


Package: Red box printed with banyan tree leaves; available in three sizes.

Variety: Classic durian, mixed nut, marron, lotus seed, black sesame, red bean, and custard

Taste: Sweetness and texture are just right. The marron and custard variants top our list.

Price: B180/piece, B439/two pieces, B799/four pieces. 

Dean & Deluca

Dean & Deluca


Packaging: Classic Chinese-style red box. Wait. Really?

Variety: Signature coffee and three other classic fillings: durian with egg yolk, lotus seed and salted egg yolk, and mixed nuts and fruit

Taste: The signature coffee is flavorful. The other variants, though good enough, are nothing special.

Price: B288/piece, B148/piece for mini mooncake

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon (Mung-Korn-Thong)


Package: Like S&P, a large box with an image of a woman in a Chinese costume. Coming in 4 colors, representing different seasons.

Variety: Classic monthong durian, monthong durian with egg yolk, lotus seed with egg yolk, and matcha green tea with red bean.

Taste: super sweet, just like S&P.

Price: B558/4 pieces

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok


Packaging: A medium-sized box that comes with Chinese koi. The famous Erawan elephant is featured on the face of each mooncake.

Variety: Durian with egg, mixed cereal with egg, lotus seed and one packed with grains.

Taste: We love the balanced durian taste, and the mixed cereal filling is a bold take on the granola bar. The non-eggs options are mediocre.

Price: B555/box (4 pieces), B180/piece.


Harrods — editor's favorite


Packaging: Posh western.

Variety: Five flavors including Harrods Rose Buds Royal Milk Tea (new), Harrods Blackcurrant Hibiscus and Royal Date, Durian and Egg yolk, Golden Custard and Egg Yolk and White Truffle Custard.               

Taste: These mooncakes reminded us of macaron fillings, particularly the one flavored with milk tea (our editor’s favorite). Plus it goes well with tea.

Price: B758 to 888/box (eight pieces).

Intercontinental Bangkok

Intercontinental Bangkok

Packaging: Traditional.

Variety: Pandan and black sesame, Chinese red dates, durian with egg yolk and lotus seed with egg yolk.

Taste: Rich in flavor. All the fillings are great, but we particularly favor the pandan and black sesame, which has hints of aromatic pandan leaf, coconut and a bit of toffee. We also like that the egg yolk is right in the center.

Price: B608/deluxe box (four pieces), B1088/premium box (eight pieces).

Man Fu Yuan

Man Fu Yuan


Packaging: Elegant purple box with a puzzle-like plate of the Man Fu Yuan logo.

Variety: Baked white lotus seed with egg yolk, baked white lotus seed with macadamia nut, matcha with jasmine tea, assorted nuts with Chinese ham, coconut liqueur truffle with white chocolate, premium rum truffle with white chocolate and classic durian.

Taste: Not too sweet. The savory nut and ham variant is a nice balance of sweet and spicy tastes.

Price: B988/four pieces; B888/eight pieces of mini mooncakes




Packaging: Comes in a classic Mei-Xin box and a limited-edition Star Wars box.

Variety: The Star Wars box comes with mooncakes with two fillings: custard and chocolate lava.

Taste: The custard mooncake has a tender crust with an aromatic filling. The chocolate lava option tastes like your typical chocolate fondant but with too much egg in the batter. We are slightly disappointed. 

Price: B1,099/four pieces

The Peninsula Bangkok

The Peninsula Bangkok best for custard


Packaging: A sturdy octagonal box with the Mei Jiang logo.

Variety: Signature custard-filled mooncake.

Taste: Amazing custard flavor and thick, loose and tender crust. Now we do get why there’s so much hype surrounding these mooncakes.

Price: B690/8 pieces.




Packaging: A large box featuring an image of a woman in a Chinese costume. A perfect gift for your granny.

Variety: Classic durian, monthong durian with macadamia, golden lotus seed and macadamia, matcha and red bean, lotus seed, nuts and berries, fruits and nuts, black sesame, and cranberry and Earl Gray.

Taste: If you like your desserts extra sweet, then S&P mooncakes are just for you. A cup of hot tea will help tone down the sugar overload.

Price: From B105 to B125 depending on the flavors and the number of egg yolk in the filling. 




Packaging: Opt for the four-piece package.

Variety: Four classic flavors including durian with egg yolk, red bean, lotus seed and mixed nut, plus two additional mini mooncakes with almond black sesame and cookies and cream-macadamia fillings.

Taste: Our favorite of the classics is the durian. The cookies and cream is interesting, while the black sesame is super sweet and should be taken with a cup of hot tea. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Price: B3188/ limited-edition box (eight pieces); four-, six- or eight-piece sets at prices ranging from B738 to B2,188. 

Skinni Bear

Skinni Bears


Packaging: Thin wooden package with a drawing on top – fragile but cute.

Variety: Only one flavor—custard.

Taste: Similar to the famous Euro Custard Cake—children will love this!

Price: B240/box (four pieces).

SO Sofitel

SO Sofitel Bangkok (ChocoLab)


Packaging: A book-like burgundy box

Variety: Mooncakes made from Belgian chocolate come with four different fillings: lemon with amarena cherry, five nuts, macadamia brownie and mango with passion fruit. 

Taste: The tartness of the fillings perfectly complements the sweetness of the chocolate. We couldn’t stop eating. 

Price: B650/box (four pieces)


Starbucks — best for durian



Packaging: A silver box with the Starbucks logo on it. Nothing too exciting but we love the fact that we can reuse the metal box for storing things.

Variety: A selection of five including Starbucks coffee and egg yolk, Monthong durian and egg, Starbucks green tea with red beans, fruits and nuts, and chocolate mint.

Taste: We love the unconventionality of the dark chocolate with mint. Adding signature Starbucks coffee to a classic filling is also an inspired idea. And to our surprise, the Monthong durian and egg is tasty!

Price: B135/piece.


Swissôtel Le Concord


Package: A brown box. Yes, that’s it.

Variety: Classic durian, durian with salted egg, lotus seed with salted egg, egg custard with salted egg, and matcha green tea cream with salted egg.

Taste: Balanced flavors. Not too sweet. Can be taken even without tea.

Price: B160/piece, B890/four pieces

The Okura Prestige Bangkok

The Okura Prestige Bangkok


Packaging: A brown paper box. That’s it.

Variety: Green tea, custard, durian with egg yolk and jujube with egg yolk.

Taste: The custard has our pick—smooth and delicate as if there’s no flour in it.

Price: B708/box (eight pieces).


Vanilla — best for packaging



Packaging: Classy. So classy it becomes our favorite for packaging.

Variety: Four flavors including durian, durian with egg, lotus seed and caramel with egg.

Taste: Nice try, but they’re not there yet. The caramel is convincing, but still has a generic nutty flavor.

Price: B145/piece, B580/boxed set.

W Bangkok

W Bangkok — best for creativity


Packaging: Chic black box.

Variety: Custard, salted caramel, honey and jasmine, classic lotus seed.

Taste: These mooncakes are so soft and tender that it felt like we were eating pastries. The salted caramel is worth trying but we didn’t find much to like about the honey and jasmine. The classic lotus seed is the best of the bunch. 

Price: B688/four pieces, B1,188/eight pieces.



Suksawat S
Suksawat S

You say The Peninsula has the best custard mooncake. But wait, then you write The Oriental has the best custard mooncake. Which is it?