Little Sister

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Low budget pseudo-documentary about a film-maker's return to Amsterdam and the troubled relationship he shared with his little sister, now a fashion design student. Using a subjective camera - shots of the floor when the film-maker gets drunk, etc - it self-consciously explores themes of voyeurism and real-time film-making, but without much insight. As intimations of an incestuous relationship between the two become more explicit, so do the film's faults. Everything's signposted, from the name of the hotel to which he's forced to go, to the sub-Freudian resolution. A discomforting exercise in self-therapy, about a film-maker's exercise in self-therapy.

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Cast and crew

Director: Robert Jan Westdijk
Screenwriter: Robert Jan Westdijk, Jos Driessen
Cast: Kim van Kooten
Hugo Metsers III
Roeland Fernhout
Ganna Veenhuysen