Ká: Intergalactic Airlines

Ká intergalactic

The Ká party kicks off a new era with a new image and in a new space, the Safari Disco Club. Of course that's all cause for a celebration, so they're asking you to fasten your seat belt and let them take you on a ride to outer space. All beings are welcome to this party with cosmic ties, whether you're extraterrestrial or a mere human, or a hybrid. Ká's debut at Safari looks out of this world as well, with Lady Braga, La Steah, dance group I'MM Company and the stellar Davida, winner of the MissTer Ká contest, all on hand to liven up the night. At the decks you've got resident DJs Bazara Lemur, Melo Silva and Pinderelle, and guest DJs Spacer Woman and Karmele and Lydia. If that weren't enough, also on hand are four students from the Cazcarra school who are ready and standing by for anyone who wants to help them with their craft of make-up and hairstyling.

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