Primavera Sound pre-festival guide

Ten ways for festival fans to get ready for the big event

Fashion-forward feet

Primavera Sound just keeps growing, and not just the line-up and the audience, but the grounds as well. If you haven't spent the last month training, a great way to get ready to walk for miles between the Vice and the Heineken stages, and then again from the Pitchfork stage to the Auditori Rockdelux is to get youself into a good pair of shoes that combine comfort with rock star cool.

  1. Marina, 229, Eixample Dret
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  1. Rec, 22, Born-Ribera
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  1. Mallorca, 279, Eixample
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  1. Gayarre, 25, Sants-Montjuïc
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Festival 'dos

Your hair shows your personality just as your taste in music does, so if you're in need of a style, cut or colour before Primavera Sound gets underway, here are a some places where the hairdressers seem to be able to read your mind so you can walk out of the salon and into the Fòrum with the look you want.

  1. Plaça Regomir, 5, 08002
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  1. Carrer de la Cera, 12, Raval
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  1. Magdalenes, 6, Gòtic
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  1. Joaquín Costa, 52, Raval
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The glad eye

Whether you're arriving while the springtime sun is still shining at five in the evening or you've been up all night and it's dawning again, sunglasses are essential festival gear. If you'd rather not wear the same model as every other black-framed, black-lensed rock fanatic, have a look in Wilde, where you can find the same frames your parents wore that are now the latest thing again. Another good option is Les Lunettes, where it's hard to leave without a new pair to protect your peepers and hide the evidence of festival fun.


  1. Joaquín Costa, 2 / Avinyó, 21
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Les Lunettes

Les Lunettes Maria Dias

  1. Rec, 56 / Pseig. de Gràcia, 53, Born-Ribera
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Full frontal

Primavera Sound is a great showcase for T-shirts. If you want to renew your short-sleeve wardrobe, have a wander around Chandal - paradise for grown-ups who are still having four-colour Simon flashbacks - and Duke, a refuge for hipsters with good taste where you'll find such gems as a T-shirt of Kate Moss with a moustache.

  1. Valldonzella, 29, Ciutat Vella
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  1. Duc de la Victòria, 12
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Document yourself

If you're still reeling from the news of Rodríguez's sudden pull-out from the Primavera Sound line-up, take solace in the viewing (or re-viewing) of the documentary 'Searching for Sugar Man' on the big screen. That should tide you over until he returns to play on 8 July in Poble Espanyol. Also compulsory viewing is 'The Devil and Daniel Johnston', about the genius who's got Casper the friendly ghost as a pal.

Dust off the albums

The Breeders are set to relive their most successful album, 1993's 'Last Splash', so it's time to remind yourself how great it was then or take the opportunity to pick up 'LSXX', the re-release celebrating the album's 20th anniversary. Los Planetas are also stirring up memories with their iconic 'Una semana en el motor de un autobús' ('A week in the engine of a bus'). To understand the odyssey that led to the natives of Granada to record the album that marked the turning point of the band and Spanish pop music, you might also want to read (in Spanish) 'Una semana en el motor de un autobús, La historia del disco que casi acaba con Los Planetas' ('A week in the engine of a bus, the album that was nearly the end of Los Planetas') (ed. Lengua de Trapo), by Nando Cruz.

Primavera Sound Playlist

Discovering new bands is what gets you going. Why not warm up for the festival with tracks that will be with you for three days in Barcelona? Who are Memoria de Peixe and Ghostigital? What do Do Make Say Think sound like? Spotify has a Primavera Sound playlist that will set you at ease and give you a jump on all the other, less-informed festival-goers who have to do things like read a programme to find out who's who.

First person

Celebrate the return of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds to the Barcelona stage by reading 'Nick Cave: Sinner Saint: The True Confessions' (ed. Mat Snow), a collection of 20 interviews Cave gave between 1979 and 2008, showing the musician's evolution from his musical beginnings hooked on heroin to his current hero status as one of rock's greatest sons, who's still going strong after 30 years in the business.

Super fans

© Linda Brownlee

Blur is back playing live again this year, and their label couldn't pass up the golden opportunity to scratch out some sales in times of instant downloads. Now available are the seven albums of Damon Albarn and his band on special-edition 180-gram vinyl. With that come codes to download them all in high-quality MP3 format. Mind you, it will set you back about €150, but true fans won't think twice about giving up luxuries like food and rent for a month.


If you remember only a few things, make sure it's these essential items that will make your three festival days that much easier.

to keep yourself clean and fresh, even when battling the rankest of festival toilets.
Nuts: during the marathon that is Primavera Sound, you'll need enough energy to keep you going and still be able to pass a doping test.
Cigarettes (if you smoke): make a realistic inventory - think about those horrible middle-of-the night moments (not to mention all the friends you suddenly have when you're the last one holding).
Cash: don't expect to find a cash point every hundred metres.

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