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Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona

Save up and treat yourself to a spectacular award-winning meal at one of these Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona

By Ricard Martín

As of November 2019, there are 22 Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona (and a total of 31 stars). Trying some of the world’s most delicious food might just top your list of things to do in Barcelona, a city that continues leading the way in cutting-edge globally-inspired cuisine. Though there’s a wide range of quality restaurants in Barcelona, nearly two dozen stand out above the rest, with some even bagging two or three Michelin stars. If your wallet allows and you want to really splash out, here’s a list of all of Barcelona’s 22 star-studded restaurants. Enjoy!

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Barcelona restaurants with three Michelin stars


Restaurants Haute cuisine Eixample

Martín Berasategui’s embassy at the Condes de Barcelona hotel has become one of the essential restaurants not only in the city but in all of ​​Catalonia and Spain, where people flock to marvel at the chef's creativity. The sampling menu is a treat that everyone should have the chance to enjoy, at least once in a lifetime, and if possible, once a year. Such excellence has earned the Lasarte the top prize in the restaurant world, and since November 2016 the restaurant has been the first in Barcelona to boast three Michelin stars. In addition to Berasategui, the man responsible for the day-to-day operations is Italian chef Paolo Casagrande. His elegance and creativity are seen in dishes such as apple millefeuille, foie gras, and European eel, and the surprising aesthetic of the dishes never surpasses the combination of amazing flavours.


Restaurants Haute cuisine Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

In 2017, Jordi Cruz won a third Michelin star for Àbac, confirming his restaurant once again as the essential haute cuisine establishment in Barcelona. He reached such heights by creating cuisine filled with expertise and sophistication. Take, for example, the egg with asparagus. Sounds simple enough, but Cruz has done a number on the egg that is something out of an R&D think tank. First the yolk is cooked at 62°C, then cured in salt water to give it just the exact subtle touch of salt. Served with white asparagus, a divinely thin slice of Serrano ham and a spoonful of caviar, it's nothing less than spectacular.

Barcelona restaurants with two Michelin stars

© Ivàn Giménez


4 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Haute cuisine

Jordi Cruz has taken Angle from Bages to C/Aragó. Like he says, it's a garden-variety restaurant with a Michelin star, meaning you can have a set lunch menu that gives you great value for money and features high-quality cuisine. They use good local produce, like roasted guinea fowl with foie gras, and Eastern touches as well. An example of Cruz's imagination and undisputed creativity is the lemon fish ceviche with grated cucumber and cherries.

Enoteca Paco Pérez

Restaurants Seafood La Barceloneta

Chef Paco Pérez has earned two Michelin stars (2010 and 2013) for his Enoteca. No longer is it just another restaurant in the Hotel Arts, but a heavyweight in Barcelona in its own right. Pérez can also be proud of the two stars he's earned for his Miramar restaurant in the Catalan city of Llançà. Few chefs can translate the flavour of the sea into haute cuisine the way he does, and his craft speaks to the imagination.



Restaurants Haute cuisine Eixample

Raül Balam, son of Carme Ruscalleda, earned his second Michelin star in 2013 with this leading hotel restaurant. Like the original in Sant Pau, the concept is impeccable, innovative – and very Catalan – cuisine. On the menu you'll find dishes such as the veal 'fricandó' (beef fillet with mushrooms) with Scotch bonnet mushrooms and the Maresme shrimp with glazed tomato petals, a vegetable medley and toasted pine nuts.

© Ferran Sendra


Restaurants Haute cuisine Esquerra de l’Eixample

With El Bulli closed, what its former chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas offer in Distrutar is pure expert and emotional cooking that's a reminder of the mothership. The dishes are incredibly imaginative and made with tremendous precision, such as, for example, the famous macaroni à la carbonara made with ham jelly. Here you'll find an explosion of the senses carried out at the perfect speed. 

Cocina Hermanos Torres
Cocina Hermanos Torres

Cocina Hermanos Torres


The Torres brothers’ rise in popularity and fame has not in any way changed their philosophy that so many customers – and the good folks from the Michelin guide – fell in love with during their time with the now-defunct Dos Cielos. The twins pride themselves on cooking 'through memories', with their cusine based on family recipes and made with seasonal garden-fresh products and using contemporary techniques. Their youngest creation in Barcelona came out strong, with haute cuisine on the tables, showing off the passion the chefs have for fresh raw materials.

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