BIG: Barcelona Improv Group, The Joke's on Us!

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BIG: Barcelona Improv Group
©Olivier Valiente BIG: Barcelona Improv Group

It's April Fool's Day, but the Barcelona Improv Group players are leaving the door wide open because YOU get to pull the tricks. Watch as interruptions and instructions fly at random and the players squirm under nonstop fire. This month, BIG's classic long-form style gets a makeover as they invite you, the audience, to put them through their paces. Want to see the story continue horror-film style? In silence? With different players? You call the shots, and they'll try to keep up. And in Act 2, every combination of actors signals a new storyline, so anything could happen. The cast won't know what hit them, but you can sit back and relax, because the joke's on them.


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