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Catalan restaurants with Michelin stars

Year after year Catalonia shows it can swing with the big boys in the restaurant world, and what better way to prove it than with the prestigous Michelin award. From sea to mountain, with traditional and signature cuisine, Catalonia boasts 53 restaurants in 2014 with one or more of the coveted stars. These are spots that will always leave your taste buds dancing, but remember you may have to book well in advance, and don't forget to bring a credit card (or two).

18 famous Catalans

From Antoni Gaudí to Montserrat Caballé, from Marc Márquez to Ferran Adrià, Catalonia has produced throughout its history a wealth of offspring who have become known in much of the world for their work and personal qualities. This is our selection of 18 of these famous Catalans.

10 getaways in Catalonia

No matter how much you may love Barcelona and how difficult it may be to tear you away from the city, we have 10 great ideas that will take you on the road to explore the countryside around you, enjoy the good weather and get away from the big city.

25 great Catalan restaurants

Catalonia's cuisine is as varied as its lands. The traditional fare runs the gamut from seafood from the Mediterranean to meat from the Pyrenees, and there are endless restaurants where you can get your fill. We've searched seaside and mountain towns to bring you 25 of the best spots to sample Catalan food. 

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Top 10 beaches in Catalonia

When Barcelona's city beaches are overcrowded and you just want to relax in the environs of gorgeous sand and sparkling, clean water, remember you don't have to travel far to plant your umbrella in one of the top 10 beaches in Catalonia. If you've got a car, we've got five stellar beaches to recommend for your day trip. And if you haven't got wheels, don't worry, there are five others you can get to easily by train. Get out of the city and enjoy a day at the beaches in Catalonia.

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