Ken Kunin At The Milk Factory W/ Dion Cerreto

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Ken Kunin At The Milk Factory W/ Dion Cerreto
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Ken Kunin At The Milk Factory W/ Dion Cerreto says
Ken Kunin first cut his musical teeth in the middle of a hot dessert called Tucson Arizona before getting his hands dirty in the mean streets of Los Angeles in the 90’s. Kunin was the lead singer and songwriter for bands Mere Mortals, Jet Jaguar and Davis Waits. The latter earned both critical acclaim and significant radio play leading up to Kunin’s solo 2001 album “Attachments” which was once referred to as “the best album of 2001 that you never heard”. Being released on 9/11 yes you read that right 9/11 was not a good omen.

After feeling like he went one too many rounds with Mike Tyson in the LA music scene, Ken packed his bags and moved with his wife to Australia in 2002. For over a decade, the once totally prolific songwriter and performer hardly even listened to music let alone pick up an instrument.

He resigned to the fact that music was his past life. He was making good money as the owner of a successful fitness and consulting business and raising his family in peace. Late nights were gone; the adulation of a rowdy audience was a memory, well so he thought.

After a pretty turbulent few years which saw Kunin fight through a serious health scare, (multiple pulmonary embolisms due to a long haul flight gone wrong) the loss of his dad, managing the GFC as a small business owner, and witnessing a young man pass away before his eyes, Ken realized he had to do what we once did and that was write about it.

The guitar and piano came calling and for the first time in over a decade, Kunin answered. He created the most personal record (his 6th) that he had ever recorded. This time around, Ken built a studio and recorded every track, played every instrument, produced and engineered. The only thing he didn’t do was master the project. This was a serious labor of love that took 15 months before “The Life of Goodbye” was born.

The Life of Goodbye is aimed straight at the heart. While the pain of loss hurts it can sometimes inspire new beauty and a new reality. It is so unbelievably honest and soulful that you can’t help but take the ride with Kunin whether you like his ride or not. The combination of the subject matter along with Kunin’s catchiness and accessibility make this an album that people will be talking about in 2015 and hopefully for years to come.
Ken will be playing in Australia starting in June to support The Life of Goodbye as well as showing off the next batch of songs for the next album. With a bright smile Ken proclaims "It's nice to be back."
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By: The Milk Factory