Sun State Roller Girls Recruitment Skate Session

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Sun State Roller Girls Recruitment   Skate Session
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Sun State Roller Girls Recruitment Skate Session says
You pictured it, you wanted it, now you have it. You're a Sun State Roller Girl. Whatever your journey, it starts here.

Never skated before? Changing leagues? Want to become a referee? Used to play derby 3 years ago and you miss it so much you're back for round two?

This is open to all of the above scenarios and more. Whatever your skill level, whatever your derby plans, this is your first day.

What you'll need:

- Skates
- Safety equipment including
- helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and mouth guard
- $20 (includes 2 hour session and temporary insurance)
- Water

In this training session we'll assess your skill level and you'll be assigned to the training group that you meet the skills for.

New Bees - brand new to skating, a little rusty and unsteady, know how to go but not how to stop? This is where you'll learn all the basic skating skills.

Bee Stings - grew up as a rink rat and you've got all of the start, stop, turning and jumping skills you could think possible, but you don't know what you need to play roller derby? Bee stings is where we put all of your skating skills into action and show you how these skills are used in derby. This is where you'll start contact training.

Once you graduate from Bee Stings training, you get approved for your first scrimmage session where you get to play roller derby, for reals! If you're training to be a referee this is also when you'll start ref training at scrimmage. Once you've had some time at scrimmage and the coaches can see that you're safe, able and comfortable; you'll be drafted to a team.

Curently we have 2 teams.

- Killer Bees are our B team, who compete in our local tournament, Open Season. Last year we came 2nd!

- Swarm are our A team. To make the A team you have to opt in for selection and then you are invited to take on further training. Last year Swarm travelled to Canada and United States to comepete. They're currently ranked 24th in the world!
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