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The 'Block of Enlightenment' is a complex of historical buildings that occupies an entire city block (manzana can mean 'block' as well as 'apple'). You can tour the semi-circular chamber, the patios and a series of 18th-century tunnels that used to link the building to the coast behind what is now Plaza de Mayo, several hundred metres away. The block's Iglesia de San Ignacio dates from 1734.

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Manzana de las Luces details

Perú 272,
entre Moreno y Alsina

Area Monserrat

Transport Subte A, Plaza de Mayo or D, Catedral or E, Bolívar

Telephone 011 4342 3964

Manzana de las Luces website

Open noon-3pm Tue, Wed, Fri; 3-7pm Sat, Sun

Admission free; guided tours AR$5

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