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The Museum of Foreign Debt harks back not only to the city's golden age but to a recent and less glittering era: the economic crisis of 2001-02. The museum charts the course of the country's overdraft from the first default of 1827 to the chaos of December 2001. It all sounds pretty grim, but despite, or perhaps because of, the downbeat subject matter, the exhibits are suffused with the dark humour porteños are famous for. Perhaps best avoided if you work for the International Monetary Fund.

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Museo de la Deuda Externa details

Centro Cultural Ernesto Sábato,
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas,
Uriburu 763, entre Viamonte y Córdoba, Once

Area Once

Transport Subte D, Facultad de Medicina/39, 68, 152 bus

Telephone 011 4370 6105

Open 3-8pm Tue-Fri

Admission free

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