Beer Garden Guide 2012

The patios for getting hoppy, movie nights, eating, hooking up, global drinking and so much more

Photograph: Jeremy Bolen


Drinking games will only get you so far. Head to these spots when the night calls for darts, bags or a mechanical bull.


Not all beer gardens are German. If you order right at these joints, you’ll get an international experience that’s (sort of) just like visiting the mother country.


At a great beer garden, you want to stay all night. The prices at these outdoor patios let you do just that.


Avoid the tired wings ’n’ things with this savoir fare.


Movie theaters may be air-conditioned, but watching a film in a bar’s garden has its own perks. Like stars. And beer.


These bars serve food so impressive we’d eat it in a windowless shack. Thankfully, they all feature sweet outdoor seating so we don’t have to.


These city oases keep the latest seasonals on heavy rotation.


They’re classic for a reason: These sweet spots indulge the thirsty masses.


Okay, maybe love is overstating it. At these bars, you’re more likely to encounter lust. But you never know where these flings are going to lead….


Venture out to the wild blue yonder for a suburban spot in the shade.