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Lincoln Towing might get shut down

Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Seth Tisue

Lincoln Towing is currently under investigation by the Illinois Commerce Commission, according to a report by DNAinfo Chicago. The locally despised tow truck fleet could get shut down after multiple complaints and alleged illegal tows and state law violations.

Since the ICC renewed Lincoln Towing's license to operate last year, the company has been investigated 166 times. Of those, the company was issued 28 citations. Forty-seven of the cases were closed: 32 times no violation was found and 15 cases were closed because they were out of the ICC's jurisdiction. Lincoln Towing resolved seven complaints with motorists, and 92 of the filed complaints remain pending with the ICC.

Complaints against Lincoln Towing include allegedly towing legally parked vehicles, overcharging drivers and improper invoicing and signage. The ICC is determining whether these violations make the company unfit to operate in Illinois. The state commission is also looking into any criminal records Lincoln Towing employees and owners may have, as well as the company's safety records.

There have been numerous well-publicized incidents of Lincoln Towing's alleged abuses. Earlier in February, a petition to suspend the company's license was passed around. Really though, all you need to do is a quick Google search.

For now, keep your eyes on your wheels. You may just have to escape.

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