Review | Batman: The Dark Knight #1

The very first line of this 544th Batman title in the New 52 is: "Fear is a cannibal that feeds upon itself." Great news! If you're ever afraid, you can just sit back and wait until fear has eaten itself all up, and then presto: No more fear!

That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this book. Corny one-liners that mean very little and yet another Arkham Asylum security breach propel this forgettable Bateration. It actually feels like an early, rejected storyboard for Scott Snyder's fantastic Batman #1, which features a similar Bruce Wayne speech and super-villain throwdown. It's basically the same book, with everything done a little less skillfully. Here's comes a major spoiler, but I want to talk about the last page. After fighting his way through the superpowered hordes of Arkham, Batman finds Two-Face. Only He's now Hulked out, and after Batman yells "Two-Face! Show yourself!" the steroidal Harvey Dent appears, bellowing, "Two-Face no longer, Batty Boy. You can call me One-Face Now."

Except, he still has two faces, half of his face is still acid-scarred. And…everyone has one face. Batman could also call me One-Face, if he liked. Or Alfred, or himself. It's a laughably dumb line, which means this book begins and ends with two of the unintentionally funniest lines we've read in the New 52. So it has that going for it.

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