Review | Blackhawks #1

I've seen DC's Blackhawks described at the company's version of S.H.I.E.L.D. or G.I. Joe, and certainly writer Mike Costa has the ambition to match those not-so-super teams. The story here is a little muddled, but essentially the super-secret United Nations force Blackhawks intercepts a terrorist attack, but fails to do it quietly. A few get injured, one of them (spoiler alert) gets bitten and infested with "nanocites"—small robots that can do all sorts of nasty things to a person. Meanwhile, a spectator to the battle snaps a photo of the Blackhawks logo and posts it online, which is a problem, given the aforementioned super-secrecy.

Hard to believe that last one as much of a plot point: If you're a black-ops crew and you don't want people to know who you are, don't plaster your logo over everything. Pretty sure the Navy SEALS didn't fly an American flag into Abbotobad. And I'm not really on the same page as DC's writer corps, who seem to think the U.N. is a POWERFUL MILITARY FORCE. Having said that, this is a pretty fun book, certainly in the vein of military action comics, and if your tastes lean that way, you could do worse.

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