Review | Demon Knights #1

Huh. Looks like I pulled the three books with sword-and-dick-swinging tough guys. Though, here, DC is rolling the 12-sided dice with a Dungeons and Dragonsesque romp. The Demon, Etrigan, is tramping about in the "Dark Ages," with all the battle axes, dodgy olde English and flagons of mead you come to expect from fantasy. But, ho, there is a possessed, exploding baby—and dagger-wielding dinosaurs—to amp up the camp. Oddly, though not entirely refreshingly, the Demon himself is not speaking in the Asgardese that many fear. Nope, he talks with the droll sarcasm of a blogger: "How about you free me? Then I could, I don't know, establish a library system or invent the printing press?" he tells, um, Merlin. I'm not crazy about the art of Diogenes Neves, whose work borders on manga, but it does fit the frothier tone.

But wasn't this supposed to be one of the "dark" titles? This is more Monty Python than Mastodon. Still, Xanadu tags along, crushing on Etrigan, and there's a nifty, kinda creepy moment where she lovingly sucks brimstone from her hellish demonfriend's nostrils. And did I mention the possessed, exploding baby? One nitpick: Perhaps the week the new, ruined Star Wars BluRays came out was not the best time to feature a main character screaming "NOOooooo!" to the heavens?

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