Review | Detective Comics #1

It remains to be seen if we're dealing with a kinder, gentler Bruce Wayne than the unforgiving Dark Knight we've been dealt for most of the last two decades. Is this, i.e, the same Bruce Wayne who shed a tear when Barry Allen delivered a note from his dead dad at the end of Flashpoint #5? Hard to tell in this new Detective #1, which spends more time on Batman's most iconic opponent than on the detective himself. The central character's elusiveness in this first issue, not to mention his inconsistent presentations in last week's Justice League and this week's Justice League International, have kept me guessing.

What's certainly inarguable is the creepy mood of Detective #1 and its unnerving focus on a very dangerous Joker. Writer-artist Tony Salvador Daniel delivers with impactful imagery (the opening double-splash of Batman against Gotham's gothic skyline is poster-worthy) and an impeccably paced, unsettlingly cinematic opening. Introducing just enough of Detective's central elements, Daniel sets the bar for this reboot; with one final, nightmare-worthy image, he ensures I'll return.

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