Review | Grifter #1

Cole Cash is one of the few characters to have been imported from the Wildstorm universe, and the only one to get his own title. Grifter was never my favorite character in the WU, but it's hard to deny the awesomeness of that mask. Here, we find Cole just off bilking a millionaire, hopping a flight to San Juan. But he's also just free himself from some sort of alien or supernatural lifeforce that planned to inhabit him. In a Matrix-like move, the force can take over just about any body and use it to attack Cole—whose biggest sin has been escape, and that escape also granted him the ability to hear the force speak.

Grifter and Wildstorm fans will be happy with this new book, and I think DC fans who never dipped into the DCU's little brother will find plenty to like. Cole's brother Max is back and alive and apparently the good one of the family, working for the military. Nathan Edmondson's writing gets just the right amount of A-Team into Grifter, and CAFU's pencils are pitch-perfect, and portray motion brilliantly.

Tangentially, I think it's worth nothing that both Grifter and Resurrection Man feature lone antiheroes aboard planes, fighting supernatural forces taking human form to steal their souls, and both include taking the fight outside, while in the middle of a flight. It's not an error per se, but it's definitely both weird and a little sloppy. You'd think an editor at one point would have said, "Okay, Grifter called this one," or something. It's a little early in the game for DC to be asleep at the wheel.

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