Review | Legion Lost #1

Lost is sure as hell how I felt after reading this book. That truth-in-advertising title is pretty much the only thing I can praise here. The Legion of Super Heroes mythology has been a tangled mess for as long as I can remember, after the original Crisis fucked their future timeline in basically irreparable ways; over the last 25 years, they've gone through a number of soft reboots that have only mucked things up further. So I was looking forward to DC's editors taking the New 52 as a chance for a real, total restart, where new readers could meet the Legion free of all the baggage it's accumulated over the years.


Writer Fabian Nicieza's opening volley takes a pass on the opportunity to ease readers into the action, instead dropping us into the middle of a confusing story full of characters that I, previously an occasional, casual Legion reader, could hardly identify. Nicieza doesn't throw up any signposts, either. Wildfire—that's Wildfire, right?—says of one of his teammates in the first few pages, "He was called Lone Wolf once…" What's he called now? We don't know! Anyway, this group of superkids has time-traveled back from the 31st century to what seems to be the present, in pursuit of another, angrier time traveler who turns into a Hulk with horns and tears up small-town Minnesota. There's something about a pathogen, and some gibberish about repairing time bubbles, and then things blow up and the superkids are trapped in our time, or something. If you're lucky you might catch everyone's names by the end. It's a shame that I like Pete Woods's art so much; Legion Lost has already lost me.

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