Top books about Chicago that aren't Devil in the White City

The city had its ups and down in books.
By Jonathan Messinger |

1. Sin in the Second City, by Karen Abbott (2007) Who doesn’t enjoy a good prostitution yarn?
2. Grafters and Goo Goos, by James L. Merriner (2004) A pleasant tour of 70 years of Chicago corruption.
3. Courtroom 302, by Steve Bogira (2005) Not recommended for those who believe in our justice system.
4. One More Time, The Best of Mike Royko, by Mike Royko (2000) The best of the city’s legendary columnist.
5. The Encyclopedia of Chicago, edited by James R. Grossman, Ann Durkin Keating and Janice L. Reiff (2004) Everything Chicago is here, even you.