Garfunkel & Oates | Comedy review

I spent an hour watching musical comedy duo Garfunkel & Oates at the UP Comedy Club in Piper's Alley on Saturday. I could've spent all night. Imagine giving Weird Al a songwriting partner and then meshing them with the website The ditties these ladies crank out are sly, funny and satirical, but it's their onstage chemistry that won me over.

Garfunkel & Oates are Kate Micucci (Scrubs, Raising Hope) and Riki Lindholme (Gilmore Girls, House, Big Bang Theory, United States of Tara), two talented actresses and musicians whose infectious back-and-forth banter threatens to overshadow their music. This is a compliment. The duo opened with "Weed Card," a nod to the ease at which Californians can now receive medical marijuana, but it was their post-song chatter about taking an architectural boat tour during their last Chicago visit that cracked me up more. Their next number, "Pregnant Women are Smug" takes aim at expectant mothers with lines like You think that you're glowing / But you've been ho'ing / And now you're pregnant. It was followed by "Sex with Ducks," a jab at the fuss over same-sex marriage. They noted how the song led to an awkward appearance on CNN and again, the lively way in which they described the doomed segment was enthralling. Likewise, the duo is fresh from their appearance at San Francisco Sketchfest where their claim of harassment by security en route to their own show was a funny and inspiring yarn.

Possessing the skinniness of teenage girls and wearing dresses straight out of Holly Hobby upped the ante on songs that occasionally disarmed with naughty lyrical content. In "My Self-Esteem's Not Low Enough to Date You," the ladies proclaim,  I wouldn't touch your dick if I'd been poisoned / And the antidote was in your sperm. Likewise, "Save the Rich" takes a few swipes at the 1%. The song didn't generate many laughs but was greeted with ecstatic applause. Their new album, Slippery When Moist, will be available February 21. It would be nice if it were a live comedy album; but I have a feeling it will be nice regardless.





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