No more vaping at CTA rail stations

If you're gonna smoke an e-cigarette in public, you'll have to do it outside

Renovation of Grand/State Red Line CTA station

Renovation of Grand/State Red Line CTA station Photograph: Tristan Zeier

Yesterday, the Chicago Transit Authority board approved an ordinance that bans the use of electronic cigarettes in CTA rail stations. The ruling brings CTA property in line with the Chicago ordinance passed earlier this year that prohibits the use of e-cigarettes in bars, restaurants and other indoor public places. CTA President Forrest Claypool told the Sun-Times that the ban is necessary because "The vapors would be disruptive to our customers."

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One caveat of the CTA's ordinance is that e-cigarette use will still be permissible at CTA bus stops, due to the fact that these facilities are public, outdoor locations. Plus, sometimes you need a little nicotine to alleviate the stress of the CTA's unreliable bus schedules.

The ban goes into effect immediately, so e-cigarette users will have to settle for looking like a douche standing outside of train stations instead of on the platform.

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