DEFIBRILLATOR’s IndieGoGo campaign hilarious, disturbing

Once again, DEFIBRILLATOR takes a run-of-the-mill Friday [node:143531 link=and tickles it with freak feathers;]. Radoslaw Skalski’s video to promote the Wicker Park performance-art venue’s fund-raising campaign finally answers the question, What if Leigh Bowery and the cast of “Pickle Surprise” guest-hosted an episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! inside the skull of Stefon?

Wearing a lumpy, armless, faceless suit with a golden nugget lodged within its vagina-mouth, DEFIBRILLATOR mastermind Joseph Ravens admits that he opened the space in December without the world’s most robust financial plan.

The IndieGoGo page aims to raise $2,500 to keep DEFIBRILLATOR afloat. But it’s not just another Kickstarter offering nothing in return besides the cozy fuzzies of charitable giving*.

For two bucks, a board member will whisper your name three times before bed for a week. Fifty gets you a custom-made performance with an audience and everything.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Old Spice guy.

*Justin Kazmark of Kickstarter’s communications team clarifies: “Kickstarter sits somewhere between patronage and commerce. Every time a backer pledges to a project on Kickstarter, there is a value exchange—backers receive tangible rewards and experiences.…The project creators on Kickstarter are not charities. In addition, per our guidelines, charity projects are not allowed on Kickstarter.”

Unscripted and Time Out Chicago regret the error and we’ll add that a bunch of great ideas, from the LunaTik iPod nano watch band to former TOC Dance editor Asimina Chremos’s Dream-Friendly House project, became realities thanks to Kickstarter campaigns. Keep up the good work IndieGoGo, Kickstarter and all the rest of you reward-offering, Web-based, forward-thinking platforms for alternative fund-raising!—ZW

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