Dark Knight Rises to film in Pittsburgh

Chicago has officially lost Gotham City to Pittsburgh, which is only slightly less offensive than losing it to New York. The Dark Knight Rises will do its primary filming in the Steel City, according to the Tribune. In the article, Chicago Film Office director Rich Moskal speculates that this may not have been a financial decision so much as a move to give Gotham a new look—or possibly an attempt to avoid competing with the simultaneous production of Superman: Man of Steel in the Chicago area. (Batman director Christopher Nolan is producing that film.) At this point, without knowing exactly how locations will be employed, it's hard to second-guess the filmmakers. Batman Begins disguised its Chicago origins to some degree; The Dark Knight was far less adorned, situating its comic-book action within a recognizable urban space. It's possible Nolan is going for a third strategy this time (or employing Pittsburgh as another city entirely—although given how central Gotham is to the Batman mythos, that's hard to believe).

But it certainly feels like a slight. And coupled with Edward Zwick's decision to film the Chicago scenes of Love & Other Drugs in Pittsburgh, it marks the second time in roughly a year a filmmaker closely associated with our city has chosen to give it the heave-ho for the Rust Belt. This tops off several months of speculation about where The Dark Knight Rises would film. Calls to Warner Bros. in February yielded no fresh insights. "Like two people have read the script," our source told us, confirming only that some shooting would take place in Los Angeles and that the team had officially ruled out Detroit. "I don't know why it wouldn't be Chicago, but I can't say anything other than that the studio doesn't know." Word is there's no grit in Pittsburgh for Batman to clean up.

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