Superman Man of Steel filming at Union Station's Great Hall today

Filming for the Man of Steel began in the Loop about a week ago. Before that, the crew was shooting outside the city in Plano and Sugar Grove. We've already heard that the Chicago Board of Trade will double as the exterior of The Daily Planet and Willis Tower will serve as the interior of the newspaper where reporter Clark Kent works in Zach Snyder's feature film reboot of the caped crusader. But what about Union Station's Great Hall? Today, the movie crew has the bulk of the train station's handsome and often filmed Great Hall curtained off. TOC photo intern "Timmy Olson" snooped around a bit and took some photos this morning, but all was extremely quiet on the completely locked-down set. I suppose if you loitered a while, you might be able to nab some costumed character photos or clock that controversial bulging Superman suit, but we didn't see much more than the catering trucks and cast trailers, a makeshift makeup area and those Metropolis cabs that keep popping up. If you're wondering if it's the great Chicago architecture that's brought production here, you might be right, but the governor reminded us recently that filmmakers are getting a nice tax break from the state which, he contends, has brought 550 jobs and will inject roughly $30 million into the Illinois economy. Say, isn't it about time they make that Aquaman movie?

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