10 Questions for...Sean Brock

Sean Brock, who will bring his southern cooking to Barcito tonight, answers our visiting chef's survey.

[node:15776581 noterms cck=field_caption; cck=field_credits;] Charleston chef Sean Brock (Husk Restaurant) is tonight's "amigo of Barcito," and as such he'll serve all-you-can-eat (for $25) pintxos and man the DJ station from 8–10pm. Words like amigo and pintxo don't normally appear in the same sentence with Brock's name; the staunch supporter of Southern cuisine is more likely to be associated with grits and pimento cheese. To wit, tonight at Barcito he'll serve ribs, fried green tomatoes, country ham and fried pig ears. We grabbed him before he started cooking to ask him the same 10 questions we ask every visiting chef.

Name Sean Brock
Age 34
Occupation Southern Chef

Welcome to Chicago! Why are you here?
Chef Ryan Poli invited me to come and cook some dishes at Barcito. I had an awesome time there the last time I came to town. I love that kind of vibe.

Did you have any fears/anxieties/nervousness about coming to the Midwest? Explain.
Hopefully Midwesterners will like southern cooking! I am doing a lot of very southern dishes.

True or false: You will be eating at Avec while in town.
True! I always do!

Where else will you be eating?
Big Star is one of my favorite places on earth to eat and so is Trenchermen. You guys are so lucky to have such talented chefs!

The Chicago hot dog—yes or no? (Choose one.) 
A. Yes!
B. No!
C. I don’t know what that is.
A. Yes! I always eat way too many!

What does Chicago have that your home city doesn’t have? (We’re talking food and restaurants here, but feel free to go into other arenas.)
I have had some amazing Chinese food in Chicago. We certainly don’t have anything like that here. And then of course there is Alinea and Next, two mind blowing experiences.

What does your home city have that Chicago doesn’t have?
Great BBQ and shrimp and grits!

Tell us an interesting story from your childhood.
One time I thought it would be funny to catch a bunch of frogs and place them all over the refrigerator to scare my mom. For some reason she is terrified of frogs. It scared her half to death and then she got really paranoid that the frogs may have urinated all over the food. We had to throw all of the food away and I got grounded! I have always been a prankster.

Tell us a funny/interesting/frightening tale about your restaurant.
One time I was sharpening the meat slicer and I took the guard off of it to clean it. When I came back to put the guard on, one of my cooks was standing there holding her arm, white as a ghost. She had reached over the blade to unplug the slicer and didn’t see that the guard was off. It opened her arm up from the wrist to the elbow. It was the cleanest cut I have ever seen, very little blood and you could see all the different layers.

Fill in the blank: If I had just one more day in Chicago, I’d use it to ________. 
Eat a burger at Au Cheval.

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