2012 Chicago food quiz

Think you paid attention to chefs and restaurants this year? This quiz will be the judge of that.

1. Why did Graham Elliot throw Steve Dolinsky (a.k.a. the Hungry Hound) out of g.e.b.?
a. Because months earlier, Dolinsky live-tweeted his dissatisfaction with his meal at Charlie Trotter’s (Elliot’s mentor).
b. Because Dolinsky walked out on the check at grahamwich on a previous visit.
c. Because Elliot was tired of seeing Dolinsky’s mug at every Chinese restaurant in Chicago.

2. Arrange the following Tony Hu restaurants in the order they opened:
Lao Yunnan, Lao Sze Chuan Uptown, Lao Ma La.

3. What do Eater.com commenters hate the most?
a. Mustaches
b. Beards
c. Women
d. Grammar

4. How did Table, Donkey and Stick select its chef?
a. Posted an ad on Craigslist.
b. Picked the first Chicago chef they saw on Bravo.
c. Cage match.
d. Narrowed it down to three chefs, then let the public decide.

5. Which of the following was not an allegation against Bleeding Heart Bakery?
a. The bakery collected money for wedding cakes and then closed without contacting or refunding customers.
b. The bakery exploited unpaid interns, forcing them to work without breaks.
c. A customer found shards of broken glass in his or her lasagna.
d. Employees were forced to wash the owners’ hair.

6. Match each pastry chef with his or her scandal.
___ Naomi Levine
___ Bryce Caron
___ Natalie Zarzour

a. Just wants to cook a roast chicken
b. Proudly told a local newspaper she frequently had sex with her husband in her bakery’s bathroom
c. Enraged Humboldt Park residents by saying she moved her bakery away from the neighborhood so “nobody would be too scared.”

7. Which of these restaurants has Jackie Shen not worked at in 2012?
a. Chicago Cut Steakhouse
b. Friendship Chinese
c. City Tavern
d. Argent

8. Match each chicken with one of the following restaurants:
a. The Lobby, located in Chicago’s Peninsula Hotel
b. The NoMad, located in New York’s NoMad Hotel

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9. Match these “concepts” (per a press release) with the name of the restaurant.
___ “Nitro-pub”
___“A dining and social destination south of the river that caters to the lifestyle entrepreneur.”
___“Accessibly elegant wine and Champagne salon [that] will draw inspiration from the actress, princess and style icon Grace Kelly.”

a. RM
b. Stout Barrel House and Galley
c. Chuck’s Manufacturing

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