Best outdoor dining views

Best view of...the food on your plate

Any patio handing out beef jerky and beer can draw a crowd, but these spots dish out truly fantastic meals.

Best view of...the big screen

Skip the multiplex this summer and catch your flicks under the stars while digging into tempting treats.

Best view of...beautiful people

When staring at a bunch of buildings or an endless stretch of water won't cut it, these bastions of beauty provide an eyeful.

Best view of...the action

These outdoor spots capture people-watching at its prime, whether you're glimpsing indie rockers in Logan Square or glitterati on ...

Best view of...stupid human tricks

In a realm where cargo shorts and flip-flops go hand-in-hand with chug challenges and catcalling, the parade of loutish behavior on ...

Best view of...the water

Not so long ago, noshing next to the Chicago River sounded as appealing as eating a fish caught from its murky waters. But ...

Best view of...the bottom of your glass

For you lushes who equate warm weather with imbibing a little more than usual, these patios shake up the best cocktails in town.

Best view of...the cityscape

Tourists love gazing at those historic skyscrapers, but Chicagoans know the best way to do it: while eating and drinking.

Best view of...360 degrees of awesome

Great food, tasty drinks, a cool crowd, a gorgeous space…these spots prove you can have it all.