Bloggers' Choice Part 2 | Eat Out Awards 2012

This week, we asked our friends in the Blogosphere to share with us their picks for the 2012 Eat Out Awards. To see their first five picks, check out Monday's post. As a reminder, our panel includes scoops king Ari Benderksy of Eater Chicago (whom we erroneously reported lives in Edgewater; he lives proudly in Uptown and we regret the error), video maestro Mike Gebert of Grub Street Chicago, taco titan Nick Kindelsperger of Serious Eats Chicago, smarty pants Anthony Todd of Chicagoist and nightlife know-all Audarshia Townsend of 312 Dining Diva. Here are their choices in five more categories: If at any point while reading you feel so inclined, go here and vote.

The nominees are: 25 Degrees, Burger Philosophy, The Burger Point, Butcher & the Burger, Grange Hall Burger Bar
Townsend: Butcher & the Burger
Todd: Butcher & the Burger
Kindelsperger: [Abstained] Can you believe I haven't eaten at any of these places? [Ed. note: No, Nick, we can't.]
Gebert: The Burger Philosophy because the world needs more good regular hamburger places more than it needs more upscale hamburger places.
Bendersky: Burger Philosophy is off the beaten path and that's okay since you can walk right in and always get something without a wait. The fresh-made burgers have so much flavor, and those pretzel rolls! Love the hand-cut fries—but who needs so many? O.K., if that's my only complaint, then this spot is a winner.
The consensus: Burger Philosophy, an under-the-radar contender, sneaks up on Butcher & the Burger for a tie. 

The nominees are: Bar Toma, Dante's Pizzeria, Dough Boys, Jimmy's Pizza Cafe, Roots
Townsend: Dough Boys
Todd: Bar Toma
Kindelsperger: Bar Toma. I need to check it out again, but I was impressed with the crust.
Gebert: Jimmy's, again, the world needs a good regular joint more than...
Bendersky: Daring to bring a new style amidst the deep dish and neapolitan joints, Roots broke new ground.
The consensus: All across the board, but Bar Toma for a plurality.

The nominees are: Doughnut Vault, Lickity Split, Magnolia Bakery, TipsyCake, Toni Patisserie and Cafe
Townsend: Doughnut Vault
Todd: I love Toni Patisserie for the same reason I [Ed. note: Spoiler alert!] voted for Amanda Rockman—it's one of the only places where you can get a standout pastry and a fabulous savory sandwich. Show me a place where I can get both a great chocolate tart and a bahn mi made with homemade pate, and I'll vote for it for just about anything.
Kindelsperger: Doughnut Vault. Because it's awesome, and people who don't like it suck.
Gebert: Speaking of punchlines until you actually have it... Doughnut Vault
Bendersky: Doughnut Vault. Is there really any question?
The consensus: It's a lonely category for Todd. Doughnut Vault near-sweep.

The nominees are: Forever Yogurt, Pinkberry, Red Mango, Starfruit, Yogen Fruz
Townsend: Starfruit
Todd: [Abstained]
Kindelsperger: Pinkberry. This is the only one I visited.
Gebert: [Abstained] See Best Sports Bar.
Bendersky: [Abstained; venomous, fro-yo–hating comments redacted]
The consensus: Someone needs to get these bloggers some frozen yogurt.

The nominees are: 5411 Empanadas , Bridgeport Pasty, Isla De Café, Lillie's Q Meat Mobile, The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck
Townsend: The Southern Mac
Todd: The Southern Mac
Kindelsperger: Lillie's Q Meat Mobile. Any vehicle that distributes BBQ to more people is a good thing.
Gebert: Are there old food trucks? I don't work downtown, so I haven't tried any of these except Southern Mac & Cheese (which is fine but I'm not the mac and cheese member of the family).
Bendersky: Mac and cheese on wheels? Duh.
The consensus: The Southern Mac it is.

Oh, yes, we're saving the best for last! Check in on Friday to find out what the bloggers chose for Best New Restaurant and more.

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