Brand BBQ Market launches food truck, with trepidation

Brand on the Run, Brand BBQ Market's food truck

Brand on the Run, Brand BBQ Market's food truck Photo courtesy Brand BBQ Market

Sweet Charity Smith of [node:150245 link=Brand BBQ Market;] is excited about her food truck, Brand On The Run, but she’s terrified to take it to the streets. Not because it’s a mammoth, 27-foot-long, wood-paneled work van, but instead because of the strict new laws governing food trucks. 

“We have a ton of people that are asking, ‘Are you going to come to the Loop?'” she says. “And you know, we would love to, but we’re not gonna put ourselves out there and expose ourselves to that because the city can fine up to $2000.” Smith also feels taking the truck out on runs would only worsen the already abominable parking conditions for trucks. “We’re not going to show up at eight in the morning to battle a truck for a spot," Smith says, "because in all honesty, a lot of those trucks don’t have storefronts, and the whole point of the food truck culture is to stick together and be supportive of each other. Everyone needs to make money and wants to make money and a scenario where there are only ten spots with 50 trucks? That would cause problems, that’ll cause fights. And I don’t want that. None of us want that."

Needless to say, Smith wasn’t anticipating the storm of controversy that took place this summer surrounding food trucks. Her business partner, Drew Masur, bought the truck at the end of last fall and used social media to stir up interest and support. With the help of Facebook fans, they settled on the name Brand On The Run. The truck officially launched for private parties and events in July, which is how Smith said they plan to use the truck until the law offers more flexibility. “We want people to see the truck and we want people to enjoy it because everybody loves looking at it, but in the same regard, we don’t want to get screwed over,” Smith says.

As for the future, Smith will be at events slinging her barbecue and hopes to see changes in the law. “I have to believe that like any law, things will continue to evolve. Because they have to. Because otherwise, street food culture and food-truck culture won't make it.”

For a taste of the Brand On The Run, visit the truck this Saturday, August 4, at Heritage Bicycles General Store (2959 N Lincoln Ave) from noon–2pm and and then at Koval Distillery (5121 N Ravenswood Ave) from 2:30pm to 5pm. Check out the truck's menu after the jump.

Brand BBQ Food Truck menu
Pulled Pork $7

Beef Brisket $8

Pulled Chicken $7

Pulled Pork Taco $3

Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese $3

Portabella Sandwich $6

BBQ Chips $1

Slaw $1

(Payment may be by cash or credit card at time or ordering)

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