Chicago barbecue pit masters

Meet the city's barbecue experts.


Adams opened Honey 1 with his son Robert Jr. on the West Side in 2003 before moving to its current location (2241 N Western Ave, 773-227-5130) in 2005.

The whole thing for me is the wood and the smoke. That’s what I love to do, cook with wood the right way. A lot of people like gas, but as far as I’m concerned, I might as well go home and put it on the stove as cook with gas.

To me, wood breaks down the meat better; you get a better flavor. Like just now, you see how the pulled pork came apart? I’ve never seen a gas grill do that.

I just enjoy cooking the old-fashioned way. That’s the only way I know how to do it, because I was raised on a farm, and all we did was heat that farmhouse with wood, cook with wood. I’d watch my grandmama make biscuits on a wood stove.

I know it’s hot as heck in [the kitchen], but in Arkansas, that’s what we get. Plenty of heat. 

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