Coming soon: Fido to Go, a food truck for dogs

What you're about to read is not a joke: On May 7th, a new food truck will join Chicago's rapidly-growing fleet. It's called Fido To Go, and it's a food truck for dogs.

Tracy Werner, one of FTG's owners (she's also the owner of a natural pet foods store in Wheaton called Natural Pet Market) says that the idea for a food truck for dogs came to her while watching a segment about food trucks on TV. "Everything I see on the news, I automatically go: Dogshow does this relate to dogs?" she says. Food trucks and dogs seemed to her to be "a perfect fit."

And so on May 7th, at Bark at the Park, Werner will debut FTG. The treats ($1-$3) on the truck (for this really is a treats truck—much more akin to Sweet Ride for dogs and not, say, the dog equivalent of the Southern Mac) come in two forms: baked cookies such as apple harvest squares and sweet potato puffs, and frozen treats, which are, essentially, ice creams for dogs.

FTG will run through October and hit all the hottest dog venues in the city: dog parks, dog events such as Pet Pride Parade and, if everything with the Parks Department goes through, Montrose Beach (where both dogs and humans are allowed to swim). I asked one of the dog owners in the office, Laura Baginski, whether she thought she'd ever make use of such a truck, and her immediate response was one of incredulity. "My dog eats sticks!" she said. "She doesn't know the difference between an organic dog treat and a shoe."

And yet, imagining herself walking by the truck with her dog, she admitted she'd probably buy a treat. "[My husband] spoils that dog," she muttered bitterly.

Conclusion: Fido To Go will be a hit for dogs, and a source of marital strife for couples. As usual, the dogs win.


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