Looking to get your hands on better beef without breaking the bank? Team up with friends and go whole cow.


Where to get into the cowpooling lane:

American Grass Fed Beef, Doniphan, MO (866-255-5002).Quarter (100lbs) $550 pickup/$700 delivered; Half (200lbs) $950/$1,250; Whole (400lbs) $1,660/$2,200.

Bauer Custom Meats, Mineral, IL (309-288-5110). Whole Angus (600lbs) $2,103; whole Dexter (350lbs) $1,236.

Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm, Ottawa, IL (815-431-9544). Whole Angus, grain-finished (540lbs) $2,400; Whole Angus, milk and meadow–fed (350lbs) $2,105.

Flying S, Palestine, IL (618-586-2488). Quarter (105lbs) $563, half (210lbs) $1,050.

Nature’s Pasture, Auburndale, WI (715-952-4370). Mixed quarter (105lbs) $685; half (210lbs) $1,275; Whole (420lbs) $2,450.

SS Backwards Longhorn Meats, Medora, IL (618-729-2004). Quarter (100lbs) $275; half (200lbs) $555; whole (400lbs) $1,120.

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